Episode 10: Alana Hurd talks about My Million to One

Alana Hurd MMTO (photo credit- Matobo) 02

In this week’s episode I talk to Alana Hurd about her My Million To One project raising money for a home for 8 orphaned children in Africa and why she decided to do things a bit differently and emphasise the positive.

Alana is 32 and worked in TV from 2006 to 2012, first in drama and then in documentaries. She first began volunteering in Southern Africa in 2000 and made various fundraising documentaries (self funded) to help children in the area before she was asked to help these 8 disabled children in particular. She quit TV in 2012 to launch MMTO full time. The deadline for the MMTO campaign is Christmas Day 2014. She is on twitter @MyMillionToOne.

This is what we cover:

  • How she came to start the project to raise £1m to fund the Home.
  • Why Alana wanted to make the project positive for everyone so that it was a “dream swap”.
  • Why she set the membership rate at £1.
  • What membership offers: the kind of opportunities and benefits made available through her membership site.
  • How her background in documentaries and human rights influenced her approach in fundraising.
  • How she managed to get people to volunteer their time to help actors, film makers, adverturers and how other prizes offering unique opportunities came about.
  • The problem of being “too good to be true” and how Alana is overcoming people’s suspicions.
  • “Deliver a Dream Day” on 29 November 2014 starting a month of intense fundraising with a flash mob in Covent Garent and taking the portable pop up “Our House Christmas House” around the country.

Things mentioned in this episode include:

photo credit- Matobo

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