Episode 11: Hannah Bratton talks about Hand Made Smiles


In this week’s episode I talk to Hannah Bratton about Hand Made Smiles her project to try to ensure that all 2500 of the Royal Military Police receive a Christmas Card hand made by a child for Christmas 2014.

Hannah is 11 now but started the project last year because she wanted to meet people who knew her grandfather who was in the Royal Military Police. This led to her meeting lots of interesting people and sending Get Well cards to members of the RMP who were injured and she is now on her final push to get cards sent out for Christmas this year.

This is what we cover:

  • How Hannah came to set up the project for Christmas last year.
  • How hearing about her Grandfather inspired her to want to meet members of the Royal Military Police who worked with him.
  • How Hannah organises everything with her Mum, Jayne’s, help, including getting and sending out the cards, with letters and “wishing dust”.
  • The fact that the project allowed Hannah to meet lots of amazing people – and how the project has shown her the artistic side of people in Royston!
  • The challenges of getting all the cards needed by the deadlines – 950 have been sent but the rest of the 2500 are needed by 10 December 2014.
  • The way Hannah gets the word out about the project – mostly Facebook and her website.
  • Hannah’s future plans for the project.

Things mentioned in this episode include:

Any hand made cards for Hannah to use as part of her Hand Made Smiles project should be sent or delivered to 10 Owen Drive, Royston, Herts SG8 5US by 10 December 2014.

Thank you.

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