Episode 8: Simon Weil talks about Trustees


In this episode for Trustees Week, I talk to Simon Weil, a partner in the Charities and Social Enterprise team at Bircham Dyson Bell, about his experience both of being a trustee and advising trustees over a period of more than 36 years.

Simon specialises in charities, philanthropy, tax planning, trusts and the resolution of potentially contentious issues arising out of wills, trusts and co-ownership of property for private clients and charities.

This is what we cover:

  • Key issues relating to the roles and duties of trustees/directors etc of charities.
  • The different structures and risks associated with grant giving charities (usually unincorporated) and fundraising/service provider charities (usually incorporated).
  • The role of the Chairman and CEO in fundraising/service provider charities.
  • Conflicts of interest and conflicts of loyalties.
  • Investment powers, use of assets and fundraising.
  • How things have changed – the Trustee Act 2000 and practical changes that impact on Trustees in the third sector.
  • The challenges of equality and diversity.

Things mentioned in this episode include:

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