Episode 9: Alex Swallow talks about Young Charity Trustees


In this episode I talk to Alex Swallow about his involvement with not for profits and, in particular, how he came to found Young Charity Trustees.

Alex Swallow is the Programme Director of the Charity Leaders’ Exchange and Assistant Editor for Good News Shared. He is also the Founder of Young Charity Trustees, Advisor for London Young Charity Professionals, a mentor for the Charityworks Programme and a Fellow of the RSA. He was previously the Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition. He is passionate about using social media for social good. His website is launching soon: details at http://launch.alexswallow.com and on twitter he is @AlexSwallow.

This is what we cover:

  • How Alex became a Trustee in his twenties (rather than Santa!).
  • What does “young” mean in this context.
  • How Alex came to found Young Charity Trustees via a group of Young Charity Trustee Ambassadors in 2011.
  • Improving Board diversity.
  • Why people hesitate to offer themselves as Trustees.
  • Broadening awareness of Charities and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Involvement with Good News Shared and launching his website.

Things mentioned in this episode include:

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